Is a Cracked Foundation in Mississippi a Serious Problem?

Finding a crack in your home’s foundation can be a scary moment. The crack could signal major issues with the structure of your home, or it may be no big deal at all. The truth is, most foundations get cracks in them over time. Many of these cracks don’t cause problems or affect the house at all. What is important is how it is cracked and why. If you have a Cracked Foundation in Mississippi, you must determine what caused the crack and the best way to correct it.

Small cracks in foundation are very common. Foundations are usually built with steel inside of concrete to protect it and hold it together if it cracks. The earth contracting and expanding underneath the foundation causes cracks. Droughts can cause this because the land starts to settle and crack from being too dry. Ground that is too wet can also cause cracks, as the foundation may begin to sink into it unevenly. Vertical cracks in the foundation generally mean it is settling, whereas horizontal cracks normally indicate that there is too much pressure underneath.

When determining if cracks are going to cause structural problems to your home, you shouldn’t only examine the foundation. Many problems from foundation issues start up high, so look for cracks and damage to the highest floor of your home. There may be cracks above windows or doors. If there are cracks in the walls, notice if they are angled or jagged rather than smooth and straight. Windows or doors might even stick and be hard to open if the foundation has shifted and bent their frames. These are all signs of serious problems in the foundation.

You must investigate issues with your foundation and determine if they are serious. One smart idea is to mark small cracks with a permanent marker and monitor them to see if they get larger. If they are growing quickly, the foundation may need to be repaired soon. It is important not to fill in any cracks unless you know what the problem is and solve it. Filling in cracks with putty or cement can cause bigger issues later if the foundation continues to move. Its a good idea to call a professional if you see any troubling signs or large cracks in your foundation. A quality professional can determine if your Cracked Foundation in Mississippi is a serious problem and suggest how to fix it.

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