Three Issues Requiring Asphalt Driveway Repair in Toledo, OH

Three Issues Requiring Asphalt Driveway Repair in Toledo, OH

Replacing a driveway that has been damaged may be necessary sometimes but it is an expensive project. By repairing a drive, you can save thousands of dollars and you will have faster access to your drive than if it had been replaced. Here are three asphalt driveway issues that can be repaired to help save money.

Cracks in Asphalt

Cracks in an asphalt driveway need to be repaired to prevent further damage. Water can get under the asphalt through the crack and widen or cause new cracks when the water freezes in the winter. However, with asphalt driveway repair in Toledo, OH, any existing cracks will be cleaned and filled to prevent further issues.

Potholes in Driveway

If the soil behind the asphalt is wet due to the presence of water in it, then driving over the asphalt can cause potholes to form. When they start forming, it is important to have a company do asphalt driveway repair as soon as possible to prevent severe damage to the driveway. Also, the sooner it is repaired, the less filler needs to be used to patch the pothole.

Damage from Trees

If there is a tree growing close to the driveway, then there can be damage caused by the growing roots. This damage appears as upheavals on the driveway and cracks, which can be filled and repaired. However, if you want to permanently repair the problem, the tree root would need to be removed and a company specializing in asphalt driveways in Toledo, OH would need to do the repairs.

If the soil beneath the driveway wasn’t compacted correctly, you could have continuous problems with cracks or potholes. To prevent them, a company that does asphalt driveway repair would need to remove the asphalt, compact the soil properly, and lay down more asphalt to provide a permanent solution.

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