Three Specialties Of An Oral Surgeon In Short Hills, NJ

Three Specialties Of An Oral Surgeon In Short Hills, NJ

Dentists perform many types of treatment for good oral health but, sometimes, it’s necessary for their patients to visit an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ. Individuals often need to schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon if they want dental implants, they need to have their wisdom teeth removed, or they’re experiencing problems with their jaw. Read the information below to learn more information about the specialties of an oral surgeon.

Dental Implant Procedure

When individuals who have missing teeth choose to have dental implants, they will have to undergo a surgical procedure. During this procedure, an oral surgeon will cut the gum line and drill an opening into the bone along the jaw. This opening serves to hold the implant into position for several months until the bone grows around the implant. After the titanium implant is placed in the jawbone, the oral surgeon uses stitches to close the cut that was made in the gum line.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

When individuals are around 17 years old, they’ll start to get their wisdom teeth. These four teeth are in the back corners of the mouth and, if they aren’t removed, they can be painful and cause other teeth to be out of alignment. If the teeth are positioned beneath the gum line and don’t come through the gums, they’re known as impacted wisdom teeth. To remove these teeth, an oral surgeon must cut openings in the gums to get the teeth out.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

In addition to dental implants and the removal of wisdom teeth, an Oral Surgeon in Short Hills NJ also specializes in disorders of the temporomandibular joint, which is also called TMJ. Individuals can have a variety of symptoms including pain in the jaw, a popping sound in the jaw, and the inability to completely close their mouth. An oral surgeon can recommend various treatments including medication, jaw exercises, and devices that are worn in the mouth.

Individuals in Short Hills who need to have oral surgery can schedule a consultation at Westfield Oral Surgery. This facility provides various surgical procedures including dental implant placement and wisdom tooth removal.

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