Three Things You Didn’t Know About Companies That Provide Garbage Removal In Rochester NY

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Recycling

Many individuals have their trash removed by companies that provide waste management services. Even though this service is very important, many individuals don’t spend a lot of time thinking about trash removal. Read the information below to learn three things you didn’t know about companies that provide Garbage Removal in Rochester NY.

Garbage Removal Companies Offer Additional Services

Many individuals don’t realize that a garbage removal service offers additional services besides just trash removal. Some waste management companies also offer recycling services to their customers. Recycling bins are provided by garbage removal companies and their customers can place their plastics, newspapers, cardboard and other recyclable items in the bin. When homeowners are doing home construction or when they want to clean out their basement, they can contact a trash removal company and rent a roll off dumpster.

Customers Can Make Garbage Removal More Efficient

To help garbage removal employees while they’re working, individuals should make sure their trash receptacle is placed in the proper location on trash day. If regular trash cans are used, individuals should keep a secure lid on their trash can so that animals can’t get in the trash and scatter it all over the yard. Homeowners should also make sure that there aren’t any toys or bicycles in the way of the trash truck when it’s trash pickup day. Instead of using regular trash cans, garbage removal companies also provide special garbage containers for their customers. These containers are available in various sizes depending on the amount of garbage from each household.

A Garbage Removal Service Can Pick Up Large Items

Individuals who have large items, such as furniture, to throw away can leave it on the curb for the trash removal employees to pick up. Before leaving the item outside, individuals should contact the company that provides garbage removal in Rochester NY to advise them about the large item that needs to be picked up. The company representative will tell the individual where to leave the item and what day it will be picked up for disposal.

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