Three Things Groomers Want Pet Owners To Know About Puppy Grooming In Alexandria, VA

by | May 15, 2018 | Veterinarians

Pet owners frequently take their adult dogs to the groomers, but many puppy owners don’t schedule grooming appointments. There’s a misconception about grooming puppies, and owners of young dogs should find out the facts. Read the information below to learn three things that groomers would like pet owners to know about puppy grooming in Alexandria, VA.

Grooming Should Begin At A Young Age

Professionals recommend that puppies first visit the groomer when they’re roughly three months old. Puppies should have all their shots from a veterinarian at around this age, so it’s safe to take puppies out in public or have them be around other animals.
The importance of grooming a puppy at a young age is so they can become accustomed to the groomer and what the process entails. Adult dogs that have never been to the groomer are often scared and anxious. Puppies aren’t generally scared and, once they get familiar with grooming, they’re fine with having a bath and haircut.

Puppies Should Be Regularly Groomed

Some individuals only take their puppies or dogs to the groomer when they have matted hair or tangles. While this is necessary, puppies should be groomed on a regular basis to keep their coats shiny and tangle-free.

In addition to bathing and grooming, a groomer will trim the animal’s nails, so they don’t get too long. When their nails grow out too long, walking and running are often painful for the animal.

Grooming Is Beneficial For A Puppy’s Health

When a groomer is bathing and brushing animals, they can check the pet’s skin for abrasions, bumps or anything else that doesn’t feel quite right. Groomers can also check the puppy for signs of ticks and fleas. If anything out of the ordinary is noticed, the pet owner can have a veterinarian look at it right away.

there also helps the condition of a dog’s coat because brushing stimulates the hair follicles and makes the hair grow. Tangles in the fur can pull on the dog’s skin and cause pain.

Individuals in Alexandria who own puppies can contact any and schedule a grooming session for their pets. This service is especially important for puppies and adult dogs of every age.

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