Tips for Calming Nerves Before Oral Surgery in Effingham IL

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Dentist

Any type of surgery can induce anxiety, especially for people who have never undergone surgery before. Oral surgery is no different. There are a few things patients can do to help calm their nerves before having Oral Surgery in Effingham IL.

Education Is Important

It’s always scarier to jump into something without knowing what to expect. Before having oral surgery, be sure to learn everything possible about the procedure. The surgeon should be more than happy to answer any questions beforehand.

Have the surgeon explain what will happen during the surgery, step by step. If something seems unclear, have them clarify it. While a lot of information can be found online about different procedures, it’s always best to speak with the doctor who will be performing the surgery.

Learn About Sedation

Many people are afraid of pain during surgery. Luckily, steps will be taken to make sure the patient doesn’t feel a thing during Oral Surgery in Effingham IL. Be sure to find out what type of sedation the surgeon plans on using during the procedure.

For many surgeries, the patient will be completely sedated. They will not remember anything about the surgery. Localized numbing may be used for minor surgeries. If the surgeon plans on keeping the patient awake, it may be wise to request an anti-anxiety medication to take before the procedure.

Breathe Deeply

The body goes into the fight or flight response whenever it experiences fear. Deep breathing exercises are proven to slow the heart rate and help prevent blood pressure spikes. Patients should practice deep breathing in the days leading up to the procedure.

Some patients prefer meditation to help clear their mind. Simply sit in a clam, quiet room and take several slow, deep breaths. If the mind tries to wander, consider finding a guided meditation program online. Knowing how to properly breathe will help keep the patient relaxed on the day of their surgery.

The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. offers many different types of oral surgery to treat a wide range of dental and jaw problems. Before surgery, make sure to learn all about the procedure, ask about sedation and learn how to breathe deeply. Before you know it, the surgery will be over.

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