Tips for Dealing With a Root Canal From Alpha Dental Center in Franklin MA

Some people cringe at the words “root canal” the way some people cringe from hearing fingernails on a blackboard. An impacted root canal is one of life’s most painful annoyances. An impacted tooth suddenly becomes the center of your world. Fortunately, root canals can be quickly and effectively treated. Here are some tips from Alpha Dental Center in Franklin MA on how to deal with your root canal.


It is normal to suffer pain before and after a root canal. Often over the counter painkillers are effective at reducing pain and swelling. Pain usually decreases or goes away 48 hours after surgery. Cold compresses like an ice bag also help reduce pain and swelling. Do not place directly on the mouth or this will cause a cold burn.

What to Eat or Drink

It’s best to eat soft, bland foods like oatmeal or pudding after a root canal procedure. It is normal for teeth to be sensitive to cold foods like ice cream or sodas. This sensitivity should go away in a couple of days. Avoid eating crunchy foods, even if you eat on the side that did not have the root canal done. Swish your mouth out with salt water about 12 hours after your surgery. Do not swallow. Repeat this three or four times a day until the swelling goes down.

Keep on Brushing and Flossing

You should keep brushing and flossing your teeth, although you should use a soft toothbrush. Do not floss around your root canal area until you get your final crown in place. If temporary pops off, put it in a clean plastic baggie and call your dentist right away. Avoid using any tooth whitening products until your dentist okays them. Tell your dentist if flossing is too painful because alternatives to conventional floss exist. Your new crown can still get cavities like your old tooth and so brushing and flossing are a must to prevent decay.

Elevate Your Head With Pillows

Many people find that laying down after a root canal can cause pain. Propping your head up with pillows helps to alleviate this pain. Raising the head helps take some pressure off the sore tooth. Sleeping in a recliner helps some people after a root canal or the night before a root canal procedure.

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