Tips for Finding the Best Temporary Storage Facilities in CT

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Moving and Storage

While the old home has sold, the new one is not quite ready. The buyers are ready to move in, meaning the time has come to start looking at Storage Facilities CT. Here are some tips that will make it easier to identify the ideal place to store things in the interim. Size of the Storage UnitThe goal is to focus on Storage Facilities CT, with units large enough to hold everything until the new house is ready. Remember to allow enough room to organize everything neatly.

Doing so will make it all the easier to get to anything that needs to be retrieved before everything goes to the new place. A Controlled Environment While the plan is to have everything out of storage over the next few months, it pays to spend a little extra for a climate-controlled unit. This will ensure that furnishings, artwork, bedding and other essentials are not damaged due to changes in the temperature or humidity level. When the time comes to move everything to the new place, it will be clean and ready for immediate use.

Security Measures Always take time to investigate the security features provided at the storage facility. Even if the area is enclosed with a fence, it helps to know an attendant is on duty around the clock. Look for security cameras, and verify they are monitored continuously. The ideal setup will ensure no one is able to approach the storage units without being under surveillance. Cost While the emphasis is on security and an adequate amount of space, the issue of expense must be addressed. Take the time to compare the cost with other providers in the area. Remember that what seems to be a great deal on the surface could come with some hidden charges. Visit website for more details.

Only make a decision after finding a facility that meets all the basic requirements and comes with rental terms that are transparent and easy to understand. For any type of storage needs, contact the team at They help clients determine the right amount of square footage and identify other features that would be helpful. In no time at all, the unit will be secured and ready for use.

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