Tips for Hiring AC Repair Contractors in Oahu

Tips for Hiring AC Repair Contractors in Oahu

Due to the magnitude of the number of businesses offering AC repair in Oahu, finding an appropriate contractor can be extremely challenging. It becomes even worse if you don’t know the basics about air conditioners and all you need is to see your system functioning properly. Most people will act out of desperation especially when the indoor temperatures are over 90 degrees, and the sun is not relenting from beating down mercilessly. This can make you select a repair company hastily, without doing some essential basic research.

If you are seeking for reputable AC Repair Contractors in Oahu, you should not attempt to hire a company that you haven’t checked thoroughly. Doing this could result in escalated costs for both repair, and probable replacement costs in case your unit gets damaged through poor repair. This is especially true if you end up hiring a contractor who isn’t properly licensed and insured.

Therefore, the most important consideration when hiring an AC repair contractor is whether they are duly licensed by the Contractors State License Board. This will protect you from hiring someone who is not qualified for the job, as well as protecting yourself from liability in the event that the contractor or any of their workers get injured on the job.

You may also check with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Your contractor should be certified through the EPA especially if they are applying coolant or Freon to the air conditioner.

Also, check to ensure that your prospective contractor is duly accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This serves to ascertain that the contractor is running their business in an ethical manner. Contrary to the popular misconception, the BBB does not simply list complaints; it also investigates such complaints to ensure that the competitors and the disgruntled employees of the contractor in question do not place fake complaints. It is, therefore, an effective method of ensuring that the contractor has an impeccable business record.

Finally, examine the Yelp reviews to see if your prospective contractor has a sufficient number of positive reviews. A thorough background check on your prospective repair man will ensure that your AC unit is left in perfect condition and that it doesn’t lead to your incurring additional costs down the road. Contact Air Source Air Conditioning to access competent and affordable AC Repair Contractors Oahu.

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