Tips for Making Your Next Relocation with Moving Services Less Stressful

Tips for Making Your Next Relocation with Moving Services Less Stressful

The process of moving can be stressful from both an emotional and a logistical standpoint. The idea of getting everything out of your current home to a brand new home—and all in one piece—can be overwhelming. Making matters even more challenging is if you are concerned about adjusting to your new city. A few tips can help make the initial steps of your move less stressful in Charlotte.

Initial Steps
After you have chosen moving services and have received a cost estimate for your move, be sure to check in with the company if you end up subtracting items from your move or adding new items to it later. Also, if you need to change your moving date, be sure to notify quickly your moving services. Charlotte companies additionally need to know what your new phone numbers and destination address are at least four weeks before your moving date. Finally, confirm any additional stops that may be required during your move, such as a stop to deliver goods to or pick up good from another location along the way.

Second Steps
About three weeks before your moving date, be sure that your airfare and other required transportation has been booked if you plan to fly to your new location. Book any stops or hotel stays that are needed along the way if you are planning to drive to your new location during a long-distance move. Be sure to set aside any items you will need immediately when you get to your new house so that they are not inadvertently packed with the rest of your belongings. If you plan to partially or fully pack your items before the movers arrive, get started about now; this will prevent stress later.

Final Steps
About two weeks before your move, don’t forget to make travel plans for your household pets. This may include boarding your pets or leaving them with family or friends. Be sure to empty your gym locker and pick up any items you had repaired, stored or cleaned. Confirm all of your moving details with the move coordinator as well. Following these steps will give you a peace of mind when your chosen provider of moving services finally arrives to take your possessions to your new home.

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