Tips on Septic Services in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Understanding some basic aspects of Septic Services Rancho Cucamonga CA based is important to any southern California household with a septic tank system. A septic tank is a single home waste water treatment system using biological processes to breakdown waste water safely and effectively. Once a year, a septic tank system should be inspected by a licensed professional contractor. This inspection can limit the expense of serious repair or replacement which can be thousands of dollars.

Inspection can involve several steps, the first one finding the outside location of the septic system. Once the location is determined a basic system diagram or map should be made and kept with all septic system records. Another part of the inspection would be flushing toilets, turning on water in sinks and running laundry washers and visually examining any connections to make sure there are no leaks inside or outside and that water is flowing in the correct way.

Finally a professional contractor will know the proper use of safety equipment to look inside the septic tank where gasses are potentially very dangerous. The visual inspection inside the tank will include checking for cracks or damage of any kind. Deciding when the tank needs pumped may require specialized tools to determine the overall amount of water and solids. The tank should be pumped if the amount of water and waste inside the septic tank is more than one third of what the tank can hold. How often the tank should be pumped will vary with the size of the septic tank system, how many people live in the household and how the system is used. It should be noted that households with in sink garbage disposals, water softening systems and hot tubs or whirlpools will use much more water, and this may cause the septic tank to need to be pumped more frequently.

A few suggestions to contribute to the septic system having a long life and not needing major repairs would be using the septic system primarily for waste water and not as a garbage can as well not putting strong or harmful chemicals into the septic system. It’s also a good idea to use household cleaners sparingly to prevent them from affecting the operation of the septic tank. For more information, Click Here.

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