Tips to Minimize Dent Repair in Winchester, VA

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Automotive

People make mistakes, and those who own vehicles are always at risk of getting dents and scratches. While there is no real way to prevent them, drivers want to keep their cars looking as new as possible. By following the tips below, car owners can reduce the chance of damage. Below are five things drivers can do to protect their vehicles.

Park Smart

Most minor vehicle damage happens in the parking lot, especially when those in nearby cars aren’t careful when getting in and out. The simplest way to reduce risk is to park far away from other vehicles. When this isn’t an option, taking a space on the end can reduce the risk of damage by 50% or more. Using two spaces isn’t a good way to protect a vehicle, as it irritates other drivers and it might increase the chance of intentional damage that requires Dent Repair Winchester VA.

Parallel Parking Practice

Many drivers are reluctant to parallel park because of the difficulty of maneuvering between other cars. However, parallel parking is a good way to minimize the chance of damage, because it prevents others from parking adjacent to the vehicle.

Keep it in the Garage

The more time a car spends in the garage, the less it’s exposed to other people and to the elements. With proper storage, the chance of body damage is greatly reduced. Protect it from the Weather

Everyone has seen photos of hail-damaged vehicles, but hail isn’t the only type of weather that can cause damage. High wind can propel dust, rocks, and other debris that can cause severe damage. When the weather gets bad, put the car under cover and wait until things clear up.

Protect the Vehicle from Foreign Objects

This tip may seem obvious, but many people cause damage to their vehicles by setting things on the hood or roof. Anything that touches the vehicle’s paint can damage its finish. Keep foreign objects off the paint, and don’t lean on the vehicle.

Even if one practices all these tips, damage can still occur. If it happens, drivers should choose a local body shop that can do the job correctly. By choosing CARSTAR Patriot Collision Center for Dent Repair Winchester VA, and by following the simple tips given here, drivers can keep their cars looking great.
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