To Fight or No Contest: A Criminal Lawyer in Martinsburg WV Upholds the Rights of Defendants,

The basic rights of any criminal defendant, the right to remain silent, the right to representation, are well known and well popularized in the media. Just like the Miranda rights that are a staple of the law, these things are considered uniform facts. But, these basics are sometimes stretched for those who are in a criminal defense. It all seems so simple, but the opposition is trying to force a defendant to talk. The court-appointed representation is juggling 40 cases a month and has no time to dedicate to one particular case. In all, these rights seem so simple. In execution, they are anything but.

What other rights are provided to a criminal defendant and partly overseen by a criminal lawyer in Martinsburg WV? Furthermore, how are these rights affected by the daunting process of the law?

A lawyer confirms that their client has the right to a speedy trial. There will usually be the option to settle. It may involve an admittance of guilt or no contest, the latter of which implies that the case will not be fought and the defendant accepts the final mark from the judge. A defendant has the right to not be dragged through a long trial if they so choose.

A defendant also has the right to a public trial. This is the right to do the opposite of the previous option. A defendant can take the case all the way to public court if they so choose. That battle is sometimes worth fighting. Visit  for a bit more on public court. Things may be sacrificed in getting there, but it is sometimes an option worth really exploring.

A defendant also has the right to speak to witnesses declared by the plaintiff. The lawyers are allowed to discredit and dissect the words of the witnesses. That can make all the difference, knowing many cases are built on the foundation of a powerful witness report.

A Criminal Lawyer in Martinsburg WV will walk a defendant through the realities of their case. The case can be completed within the confines of the law, and any stretching of the law will remain very small.

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