Top 3 Questions About Dog Boarding In Millersville

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Veterinary

Dog owners who are leaving for a vacation often worry about the care of their pet while they’re gone. To relieve this worry and stress, contact a veterinary hospital that provides Dog Boarding in Millersville. Pet owners feel that their dog is safe and well cared for when the animal stays at a veterinary boarding facility. To learn more about a dog boarding service, read the top 3 questions and the answers below.

Q.) What types of services does a dog boarding facility provide?

A.) When dogs stay overnight at a boarding facility, they’ll stay inside where it’s dry and where the temperature is comfortable. The dogs are fed a nutritious diet, and clean drinking water is also provided. The dogs will get the exercise they need every day, so they don’t get bored or restless. When a dog needs to take a prescription medication, a trained staff member will make sure the animal gets the correct dosage of medication.

Q.) Can all dogs stay overnight at a boarding facility?

A.) Before a dog can stay at the boarding facility, all immunizations must be current. This is also a good time to schedule an examination for your pet to make sure the animal is healthy. Dog owners should check with the boarding facility to find out if there are additional requirements.

Q.) Do the dogs seem happy while staying at a boarding facility?

A.) Most dogs really like staying at a boarding facility because they get a lot of attention, and they aren’t alone. When dogs have to stay at home by themselves, they often get nervous and anxious. This often leads to destructive behavior in the home, such as chewing on furniture and articles of clothing. When dogs are left alone for an extended period, they can also become depressed. When a dog owner uses a veterinary clinic for Dog Boarding in Millersville, the owner, and the dog will be much happier.

If you need professional boarding services for your dog, contact Gambrills Veterinary Center. While staying at the facility, the trained staff will give your dog the best treatment and care possible.

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