Top Reasons to Consult an Attorney After an Auto Accident

You have recently been involved in a car accident that resulted from the negligence of another party. The incident caused substantial damage to your automobile and minor injuries that have left you unable to work for a few days. Following an accident, an insurance company will contact you to discuss the incident and ask about the injuries you sustained during the accident. Before speaking to an insurance adjuster, it is important that you stop and consult an auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, FL. A lawyer is a critical source that can provide the legal information you need to ensure you obtain a justifiable settlement.

Why You Should Speak with a Lawyer

  • There are rights established to keep you protected when you have suffered damages or injuries caused by another party. An attorney can provide you with the information to make sure you are well informed.
  • An auto accident attorney in St. Petersburg, FL can help determine what the other party is responsible for paying and how much compensation you are entitled to.
  • Insurance adjusters primary focus is to save their company for the least amount of money possible. They will try to get you to admit some fault, so they decrease how much the insurance company must pay you.
  • Minimizes the risk of making critical mistakes that can jeopardize your claim if you go before the court system.
  • They can aggressively represent you if the insurance company is trying to deny your claim.

Stay Well-Informed and Protected

Ludin Law offers the trusted services you require to help you successfully obtain a reasonable settlement after an accident. You do not have to face aggressive insurance companies on your own when you can acquire the services of a well-known legal firm. They offer a cost-effective solution and support you need to help resolve your legal matters.

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