Top Reasons To Use Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Law

Collaborative law is not a new concept; rather it is a modernization of some of the most basic elements of fo the legal system in working together to resolve complex or simple issues without the need to go to court. Using collaborative divorce attorneys in Highland Park in a divorce case is an important consideration, but it is not the right option for everyone.

The Purpose

The entire purpose behind using collaborative divorce attorneys is to allow the couple, with the guidance of their own legal representatives, to resolve the issues of their divorce to a mutually agreeable set of terms. It is more than just attending a mediation, although mediation is very common in the process.

Since both parties to the divorce have to try to work together, all collaborative divorce attorneys carefully evaluate the situation to determine if this is the right option. Generally in very high conflict types of divorces, or where there is a history or a concern of domestic violence, or if one person is not willing to negotiate in good faith, there are other options are available. It is possible to start out with a collaborative divorce process and move to a litigated divorce if negotiations break down, or the couple is unable to come to an agreement.

The Benefits to Couples

Choosing collaborative divorce attorneys makes a lot of sense for couples, particularly if they have children. For larger estates or large amounts of joint property, even without children, collaborate law still offers significant advantages over going to court and allowing a judge to divide the property and determine which person gets what.

Additional points to consider as benefits to collaborative law include:

  • Faster settlement – since you work together to create a mutually agreeable solution that just needs to be approved by the court, it will dramatically reduce the time it takes for the divorce to be finalized.
  • Lower costs – since you don’t have to go to court, and you are not engaging in endless back and forth issues through attorneys, the costs of hiring collaborative divorce attorneys are often offset by the costs saved in legal fees if you were to go through the litigation option.
  • Everyone agrees – when the divorcing couple sets the terms of the divorce and agree to the issues and the division or property, parenting time and financial responsibilities there is a lower risk of failing to follow the agreement.

In addition, and this is essential for Highland Park parents to consider, it shows your children that you are there to continue to be parents and to work together for their well-being. The collaborative divorce attorneys you hire can help you to achieve this very important goal.

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