Top Three Reasons To Buy A Ford Expedition In Bedford Park

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Automotive

Many Americans are choosing to purchase Ford vehicles, both for the company’s reputation as a solid vehicle manufacturer, and because there are many additional perks that come along with purchasing one of their cars or trucks. Like most car companies, Ford offers high quality customer service and top of the line servicing of their vehicles, but the are a few perks that are unique to Ford vehicles. Here are the top three reasons to buy a Ford Expedition in Bedford Park.

Seating Capacity

One of the nicest features of the Ford Expedition is its vast seating capacity. Up to eight people can comfortably be seated in the Expedition, with easy storage available for the seats when not in use. This allows owners to take advantage of the extra seating when necessary, or the extra cargo space when taking smaller family vacations.

Safety Ratings

The Ford Expedition has consistently achieved high safety ratings in a number of different studies across a variety of different mediums. Ford was one of the first manufactures to listen to the rollover concerns of its consumers, and has consistently implemented consumer recommended safety features ever since.

Technological Advances

More recent models of the Ford Expedition have a number of technological advances equipped, to help make your ride safer and more efficient. These advances include things like rear-view camera, to make parking easier and safer. They also include a blind spot notification system, designed to alert drivers when there is a vehicle in their blind spots. With these safety features alone the Ford Expedition makes for a great ride; one in which you know you’ll feel safe. In addition, the Expedition also gives drivers the ability to choose the type of ride they’d prefer, with the vehicle offering responsive suspension according to the type of ride selected.

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