Top Tips For Commercial Floor Maintenance in Elizabeth NJ

Top Tips For Commercial Floor Maintenance in Elizabeth NJ

There is no doubt about it, a commercial floor, such as that found in a grocery store, requires a lot of upkeep. While most owners prefer to hire a company for Floor Maintenance in Elizabeth NJ, there are some who insist on doing it themselves. For those who take the DIY route, here are some tips on floor cleaning to make the job a little bit easier.

Stop and Read

Before attempting any actual cleaning, it is crucial to read all of the instructions that are on the various bottles of chemicals which are being used. There are some chemicals which are dangerous, or even deadly when mixed together. There are also some chemicals which can damage the floor. It is crucial to read and adhere to all safety precautions, both those listed on the bottles and those set forth in the workplace environment.

Take Stock

Make sure to count all of the bottles of cleaners before the Floor Maintenance in Elizabeth NJ begins, preferably at least the night before. Make sure to take note if any bottle is close to being empty as they will need to be replaced. Nothing cuts a cleaning job short more quickly than actually running out of the cleaning agents.


Even if the store is closed to the general public, it is still a good idea to make sure proper signage is in place. Signs that warn of wet floors or “do not enter” signs when there are dangerous chemicals involved go a long way towards keeping employees safe. Failure to do so could actually result in lawsuits if employees are injured while doing the cleaning job. Obviously, that is an unwanted situation.

Clean Tools

After the job is completed, all tools that were used in the job need to be cleaned. Chemical residue on tools can be dangerous to those who do not know they are on there. Chemical fumes emanating from the residue may also be dangerous to the health of those in the surrounding area.

If all of this sounds like too large of an undertaking for a first-time job, it is a good idea to call a professional company such as Reliant Services Inc. They can have the entire floor clean in a matter of hours with no stress put upon the store owner.

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