Tower Builders in Minnesota – Everything You Need to Know

Tower Builders in Minnesota – Everything You Need to Know

Building cell towers, electrical towers, and fiberoptic large-scale systems isn’t the job of the average construction worker. There are plenty of different things that need to be considered, ranging from the feasibility of the design, the foundation of the tower and the installation of different equipment on the tower itself. Most telecom companies that install cell usually towers hire third-party tower builders in Minnesota. Companies that provide tower building services employ engineers and professional builders with experience in constructing large-scale towers.

Erecting a cell tower is not a one-time thing. After the tower has been constructed and set up, it needs to be inspected after every year or so. The tower also needs to be audited in order to determine its current value, which will be stated in the company’s books. Needless to say, this is the job of an expert with experience in the industry. Here are some of the core services offered by tower builders in the state.

Tower Construction

Apart from the foundation and grounding, the builders will construct the tower based on the specifications provided. The foundation needs to be reinforced and solidified to make sure that the tower stands firmly in place. They usually erect guyed, monopole and self-support towers (the most common kind cell phone tower). Most importantly, these companies doesn’t offer their services solely to the telecom industry. Also, these companies also offer water tower installations and the construction of stealth towers. Obviously, the costs vary depending upon the size, design and the materials used in the tower.


Cell phone towers usually have a predetermined useful life. When they are no longer economically useful, the government requires telecom companies to decommission them. Most tower builders also offer decommissioning services along with ongoing modification and upgrade services. Whenever companies want to upgrade the towers with better equipment or specialist modifications, they contact the company that created the tower. When the economic life of the tower ends, these companies are tasked with decommissioning the tower. The important aspect here is not to damage the environment while bringing down the tower itself.

Electrical Projects

Because they are used to handling wires and other electrical equipment, many tower builders can also complete a wide range of electrical projects. Whether it’s the construction of an electrical tower, the installation of generators or batteries, ground ring installations, HVAC installations or the installation of a complete tower lighting system, the builders will be able to handle the job without a problem.

Most builders usually take on freelance contracts, though some also have exclusive agreements with large corporations, thus preventing them from working with any other company.

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