Townhouses for Sale in Coquitlam Include Luxury Condos and Executive Homes

A place where green spaces and warmer Canadian temperatures prevail, Coquitlam is a bedroom community outside of Vancouver, B.C. that features a variety of townhouses for sale. The townhouse has gradually gained popularity in the real estate market as it depicts all the comforts of a full-sized house but is more suitable to empty nesters, executives, couples or single residents.

Large and Friendly

If you are looking for townhouses for sale in Coquitlam, then you won’t be disappointed by the selection or the community. Coquitlam is home to about 127,000 residents and is located in British Columbia – specifically in the lower mainland. Considered a suburban city, Coquitlam is the biggest city in B.C and one of 21 municipalities that make up the metro Vancouver area.

Area Waterways

If you choose to look for townhouses for sale in the area, you will find that many of the homes are not far from one of the area’s rivers. For example, the Fraser River links to the Coquitlam River, stretching for some miles along the Pitt River to the Pitt and Coquitlam lakes.

A Nice Place to Shop for Real Estate

If you are looking for Coquitlam on a map of Vancouver, you will find that it borders Burnaby to the west, Port Coquitlam on the southeast and New Westminster on the southwest. Mountainous terrain defines the northern border of the city in the form of Burke Mountain, the Coquitlam Mountain and Eagle Ridge. Coquitlam is a viable real estate market as it dwarfs adjacent communities and is around six times bigger than other tri-city communities, especially Port Coquitlam and Port Moody.

A Unique Topography

If you were going to view Coquitlam from a satellite, you might think that the city’s shape closely resembled an hourglass that was tilted. The topography is interesting in some of Coquitlam communities and neighborhoods as they sit on a high plateau versus inclines as is associated with land masses that rise elevation. That is probably a good thing as it rains quite often in Coquitlam, which would lead to mudslides if the topography was not flat.

Townhomes for Sale

Many of the older properties these days in Coquitlam neighborhoods are being torn down in favor of bigger and newer residences, some of which are desirable townhomes. In fact, some of the townhouses for sale prove be to quite large when you measure their square footage, with some boasting over 2,000+ square feet of living area – another reason people like to settle and relax in this Canadian-friendly enclave and bedroom community.

Making a Purchase: What to Consider

When selecting a new residence in Canada, it would bode well for you to check out the townhouses and residences featured in Coquitlam and the surrounding communities and neighborhoods. Much of the emphasis these days is being placed on building new homes versus renovating the older properties.

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