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by | Aug 31, 2015 | Business & Economics

Organizational climate also known as corporate climate is the process of calculating the ‘culture’ within an organization. It basically provides information about the properties that define the workplace environment and how the employees react to their surroundings directly or indirectly in the workplace. The organizational climate is the main source of influencing the behavior of the employees and it is because of that reason the organization can thrive and get the most from their workers.

There are numerous trends that shape the culture of an organization, and it is the older employees who pass along the culture and trends of the organization to the younger and newer employees. Cultures basically have deep values, beliefs, symbols, rituals and heroes and every organization has some of them. Organizational culture differs in some ways, since it is basically the people and the workplace environment that defines the culture of an organization.

What is Organizational Climate?
Organizational climate is referred to the repeated patters of feelings, attitudes and behavior of all the characters that form the life in the organization. Whilst an organization may have different cultures, there are often some cultures that are stable and deep. The culture of an organization is often defined by the individual, psychological and physical factors of the employees.

There are quite a few difficulties that are faced when it comes to defining the organizational climate of an organization. This is due to the simple notion on how you can define the climate, and measure it effectively on various levels. There are different levels of organizational climate that can be analyzed through different approaches, which are as follows:

Cognitive schema approach

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