Tree Trimming – Not Just for Christmas

The warmest months of the year bring with them the promise of beautiful foliage. From spring through early autumn trees provide the American landscape with color, fresh air, flowers and fruit. Keeping these warm weather offerings coming often requires maintenance during the off-season, typically in the form of trimming back profuse growth.

The Truth About Trimming
Trimming isn’t only done to control overgrowth. Regular tree trimming encourages healthy growth as well as keeping landscapes beautiful. It can also prevent dangerous collisions with manmade structures such as power lines and roofing.

As important as trimming is, it isn’t something to be done without care and consideration. Many a property owner has ruined their plants by handling them incorrectly. Employing a professional landscaping service ensures that all tree trimming in Charleston SC is done in a way that allows the tree to continue growing and maintains the ideal shape for the specific variety.

Tips for the Time Between Trims
While hiring an expert is the best course of action for maintaining the health of any plant life, there are ways for homeowners to provide care to their own trees between visits from arborists and lawn care professionals. Some of these tips include:

*Providing the correct care for the season. Winter pruning and summer pruning are different, as are the needs of any plant or tree depending on the season. Heeding advice from a professional on what a tree needs at a given time of year will prevent over-pruning, improper watering and other problems.

*Maintaining flowers and trimming vines to allow for maximum, healthy growth.

*Protecting roots with mulch or another groundcover.

*Learning about the diseases, parasites and pests a species of tree is prone to hosting or falling victim to and what can be done to treat or prevent these occurrences.

By providing excellent care between visits from a landscaping professional, homeowners can maintain the health and beauty of their trees year-round.

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