A Review Of Auto Insurance In Wichita, KS

In Kansas, auto owners must acquire auto insurance coverage to register their vehicles or to renew their auto tag. If they don’t have coverage, they could face some additional penalties based on state laws. The following is a review of these requirements for auto insurance in Wichita KS

What are the Current Requirements for the State?

Today, drivers must have auto liability coverage that equates to $25,000 for the initial injury with a maximum of $50,000 if more individuals are injured during the accident. It must also provide $25,000 for all property damage sustained in the accident as well.

Next, they must have personal injury protection. This coverage provides $4,500 for each individual’s injuries. It provides a payment of $900 each month if a disability occurs. It offers $25 each day for any in-home nursing or medical services required with a limit of one year. It pays $2,500 for the family’s choice of funeral or memorial services. The injured party receives $4,500 to cover the cost of any rehabilitation services they need. All surviving spouses or families of the individual receive $900 monthly for no longer than one year.

Additionally, all owners must acquire uninsured and/or underinsured motorist coverage. It provides $25,000 for the initial injuries. It offers a maximum of $50,000 for the entire accident.

How can Policyholders Acquire Discounts?

Two major discounts are available to auto owners when they turn 25 or 50. All drivers who complete driver’s education or motor vehicle accident prevention courses also receive a discount. Any driver who is a student can acquire discounts for their academic standing and if they keep a clear driving record. Anti-theft devices can lower risks and also acquire a discount. Drivers who don’t travel great distances to and from work also receive major discounts.

In Kansas, auto owners must adhere to state laws related to auto insurance coverage. These laws require them to purchase several policies to lower the impact of an accident. These policies are also used as a strategy to lower the probability of a lawsuit. Auto owners who need to acquire Auto Insurance in Wichita KS can visit Domain for more details or a quote.

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