Identifying the Undeniable Signs of Benzo Withdrawal

As someone who has become addicted to Benzodiazepine begins to wean themselves off of the drug, their bodies will react through experiencing a series of symptoms and conditions. Knowing exactly what to look for in regards to the withdrawal process will make the Benzo detox journey in Florida much easier to understand for both the recovering addict and his or her close family members and friends.

Irritability and Frequent Outbursts

You may notice that the recovering Benzo addict is much more irritable now than ever before. This is a behavioral symptom of the withdrawal process that many inexperienced people overlook or simply classify as normal behavior. Studies have shown that increasing irritability and periodic outbursts are expected signs within the Benzo withdrawal process.

Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies

Do not be alarmed if the recovering Benzo addict starts to express thoughts of suicide and just a strong desire to die. These types of conversations may be hard to hear – especially if you remember your loved one’s strong appreciation of life long before they started suffering from this addiction. However, these suicidal thoughts and tendencies are also common symptoms of the Benzo withdrawal journey.

Unexplained Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

They may not be able to understand why they are always sore and stiff as if they exercised without actually exercising. As a close friend or family member, it may be extremely confusing to you to hear them complain about muscle soreness – especially if you know they did not necessarily do anything physically to cause that soreness. Again, as any Benzo detox expert in Florida would tell you, that type of unexplained stiffness and soreness is just another part of the withdrawal package.

Once you understand how to identify the symptoms to expect within the Benzo withdrawal process, you can quickly become a significant part of your loved one’s aftercare program – helping them work their way toward a successful recovery from this addiction.

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