Troubleshooting When To Get Radiant Floor Heating Repair

Troubleshooting When To Get Radiant Floor Heating Repair

Heating a home using radiant heat is a cost-effective way of providing comfort for the home. Since energy efficiency is a major concern of homeowners today, radiant heat is the way to go. However, sometimes the radiant heat system fails and repairs must be done. A contractor must be called to come in and assess the problem. There are many things that could be wrong with a radiant floor heating system. There is an HVAC contractor who does Radiant Floor Heating Repair in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. These are some of the problems often found in radiant floor heating systems.

  • A most common problem with radiant floor heating systems is with the thermostat. Depending on whether the thermostat is opening or closing properly, it could leave the room too hot or too cold. Either way, this problem could be resolved by replacing or repairing the thermostat.
  • Another issue that is common is a defective zone valve. This is also a part of the thermostat troubleshooting project when trying to narrow the problem down. If you have a hot water radiant heating system, the hot water would need to be shut off that goes through the zone valve. The old valve will need to be unsoldered and replaced.
  • Another problem that may be present is a defective mat or heating cable. These mats or cables can be located between the sub-flooring and the main flooring. They can also be located underneath the rough flooring. In the case of the first type, the finished flooring will have to be removed and often cannot be replaced. Once the section of the cable or mat has been spotted that is defective, replacing that section is easy.

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