Truths That You Need To Know About Your Invisalign Braces

Truths That You Need To Know About Your Invisalign Braces

Whether it is crooked teeth and overbite or something else completely, it has been proven that clear braces win out over traditional braces every time. If you are considering going with Invisalign in Chicago for your braces, then there are some hard truths you need to face before you take that step into the unknown.

With that being said read on below for some of the truths you need to know about your Invisaligns in Chicago.

Yes, You do have to Wear Them

It’s a harsh reality, but yes, you have to wear your aligners for them to work. You need to have them in at least 20 out of the 24 hours in the day, so only take them out to eat and to brush if you want the results you are paying for.

Invisalign Isn’t the Right Treatment for Everyone

Invisalign treatments are good for crooked teeth, slight overbites, under bites, or even gaps in your teeth, however, it isn’t the right treatment for patients who have severe issues with their teeth. It is possible in some cases, however, you might get faster results with traditional braces.

You have to Limit the Coffee

The first thing you need to learn is that any beverage that can stain your teeth will stain your aligners. You will have to limit severely your coffee, red wine, and tea. Clear liquids are better, if you want your aligners to remain pearly white.

Invisalign is Pretty Much Painless

If you have ever known anyone who has had braces, you have probably heard the horror stories about the pain. Invisalign in comparison is pretty much painless. You don’t have to worry about eating raw carrots on the first day, but you can eat pretty much anything else. It’s also a lot easier to kiss, if you want too, without worrying about your braces getting stuck.

100 Percent Worth the Trouble

The rumor is that anyone who has ever decided to go with Invisalign treatments over traditional braces has never regretted it. That should tell you something if you are on the fence about which is the right choice for you.

These are just a few of the things that you need to know before making the decision to get Invisalign treatments over traditional braces. Do your research, and make an informed decision as to which one is right for you. To know more contact now

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