Trying To Investigate Rf Ablasion Mustang

Trying To Investigate Rf Ablasion Mustang

Did you know there are joints between vertebrae? In fact, the small joints called facet joints, deteriorate as we age. As a result, they cause a lot of back pain. Further, facet joint deterioration causes limited shoulder and neck movement. Also, the problem causes pain that travels to the hips and thighs. It is difficult to turn the head, twist or stand. Facet joint injections are often used first to try and ease the pain.

The injection is a mixture of a steroid and an anesthetic. It is injected directly into the joint. As a result, the steroid weakens inflammation, and the anesthetic numbs the joint. Also, the medicine spreads and helps other areas, as well. Also, doctors use this injection as a diagnostic tool. If it stops the pain, they know the facet joint is the problem. Conditions that may often require these injections include spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and sciatica. Rf Ablasion Mustang is another popular treatment for the facet joint.

Radiofrequency ablasion or Rf Ablasion Mustang is a not an invasive procedure. Visit Longevity Joint Spine Pain and browse website if you are interested. This procedure takes the benefits of an injection a step further, stopping pain altogether. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis; only local anesthesia is necessary. Heat is applied to targeted nerves, ending any transmission of pain signals to the brain. Recent studies show that the many benefits of Rf Ablasion last as long as two years. Other benefits include,

  *       few complications

  *       improved range of motion

  *       less dependence on medication

  *       healthier lifestyle

Interestingly, doctors can treat facet joint pain with stem cells. The cells are injected into the joint, giving the body a boost to healing itself. Next, platelet rich plasma is injected into the area. The plasma helps the stem cells find the area in need of repair. This is an outpatient procedure and only a local anesthetic is given. Patients usually see a major improvement within two to three months. People often delay a visit to the doctor fearing they will need surgery. Indeed, patients can get relief without invasive surgery. Call the doctor today and start living again.

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