Getting Into an Emergency Dentist in North Attleboro MA

It can often be difficult getting an appointment for an Emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA. If the dentist is located in one small office, there may not be a slot available when needed. Trauma, an accident, a fight, a fall, a sports injury, or biting into something hard can cause teeth to crack, break, lose a filling, or be knocked out altogether. That causes pain, swelling, further damage, and the risk of infection. Waiting too long for treatment can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, interfere with the alignment of the bite, and result in the total loss of the tooth.

An emergency dentist in North Attleboro MA that has the advantage of a large support staff, other dentists in the practice, and more than one location, can move around regular appointments to make time to tend to an unexpected incident. Some offices with the capacity and resources may even keep slots open for emergencies. That can make the difference between losing the tooth and requiring an implant, and saving the original tooth.

It can also prevent further damage, relieve pain faster, and avoid decay of the affected area. The more time the tooth remains cracked or broken, and the more swelling that occurs increases the risk of bacteria settling into the vacant space. That can cause complications that may delay treatment. An implant, for example, cannot be placed into a socket that is infected. The patient will have to take antibiotics to clear the infection before further action can be completed.

Receding of the gum or tissue, reduction in jaw bone mass, and weakening of the area can result in extreme cases. That will lead to more corrective treatment and more restorative care. Costs, pain, and anxiety rise for the patient. In the event the dentist cannot complete necessary care, such as oral or maxillofacial surgery, due to lack of capacity, more time is lost. Patients can get more information regarding the capacity of their current dentist office, and consider if adequate services would be available in the event of an emergency. Allowing for all contingencies will help patients maintain life- long oral health.

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