Two Important Questions And The Answers About Hydrovac Services In Kansas

Digging underground can be very dangerous as there can be hidden utility lines, pipes and fiber optic cables buried beneath the soil. By implementing hydro excavation, the entire process can be completed efficiently and most importantly it can be done safely. To learn more about the benefits of Hydrovac Services in Kansas and how this process works, read the two questions and answers listed below.

How is hydro evacuation performed and why is it used?

Companies that provide hydro evacuation services remove soil by using water pressure and a high-powered vacuum instead of the traditional method of digging. As the pressurized water is injected into the ground, it loosens the soil and turns it into a semi-liquid form. A large vacuum hose that’s attached to a truck removes the watered-down soil by suction and deposits it into a holding tank on the truck. When the tank becomes full, the contents are transported to a dumping site or landfill for proper disposal. Many companies use hydro evacuation services for digging holes, tunneling, trenching, pole installation and for exploratory purposes prior to construction.

How do companies benefit from using hydro evacuation services?

Hydro evacuation is a very efficient method for digging underground and companies can achieve faster results when using this method. If underground cables and pipes are broken or damaged while digging, the repairs are often very expensive and time-consuming, which can lead to delays in construction. The most important reason to contact a hydro excavation company service is for safety reasons. If an underground utility line is cut while digging, it can possibly cause an explosion and endanger the lives of workers and people who are in the area. By using Hydrovac Services in Kansas, there isn’t any danger to individuals during the process, so this makes it the safest choice. Business owners who need hydro excavations services can contact a qualified and experienced company to request a free quote.

For safe digging, contact OSI Environmental for hydro excavation services including directional drilling, line locating, pipeline digging and exposing utilities. To learn about their additional services, such as used oil recycling services, tank cleaning, containerized waste disposal and environmental consulting, click here.

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