Two Important Reasons Why Homeowners Experiencing Recurring Drain Clogs Should Contact An Experienced Plumber For Help

For most homeowners, having to endure a simple drain clog is no big deal. Many times, remedying the problem involves running to the store to pick up a bottle of commercial drain cleaner or a drain snake. While this solution may be perfectly fine for a one-time clog, it isn’t a viable way to handle persistent clogs. When a drain clog just doesn’t seem to be going away, it’s time for the homeowner to call for help from a plumber. Although many believe that they are throwing away money by hiring a plumber to clear a drain clog, here’s why homeowners should actually consider it a wise investment.

 * Keeping The Pipes Intact: When a drain clog occurs, the first thing that many homeowners do is buy a bottle of drain cleaner and follow the instructions given on the bottle. While this may not cause a problem after one use, it may become a serious issue with continued use of the product. What homeowners may not know is that many commercial drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can actually corrode plumbing pipes, which can result in the need for extensive and expensive repair work. Those who want to avoid this frustrating scenario are better off calling a professional for help with

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 * Getting To The Root Of The Issue: Homeowners also many not realize that persistent drain clogs could simply be one symptom of a bigger issue they are facing. Most of a homeowner’s plumbing system is buried beneath the ground and out of sight. For this reason, homeowners aren’t able to identify water main pipe damage or other major issues that can lead to drain clogs. Having a professional plumber take care of a persistent drain clog will allow them to inspect the entire system and get to the source of the problem so that the clog does not keep coming back.

Persistent drain clogs are not merely an inconvenience. Ignoring them or trying to take care of them without the help of a professional can lead to costly damage being done to the home. For those who are currently experiencing recurring drain clogs in the home, it’s vital that they get in contact with an experienced plumber as soon as possible. Doing so will not only help them avoid a worsening problem, but it will also give them the peace of mind that comes with living in a properly-functioning home.

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