Two Types Of Complete Dentures

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Dentist

For many people, there comes a time when they need to replace their teeth. Implants are one option, but they may be neither suitable nor affordable. For centuries, the means of addressing major tooth loss has always been dentures. In cities such as Hamilton, Ontario, this has not changed, although the overall technology has.

The Denture

At its most basic, a denture is a removable device that replaces missing teeth and their surrounding tissue. Over the centuries it has consisted of animal and human teeth (although wooden teeth were not uncommon). Archeological research indicates that as early as 700BC, the Etruscans, living in northern Italy produced such dental replacements. This method proved to be popular until the mid-19th century. During the 1700s and into the 1800s one particular animal provided the material for the more expensive version. This was the hippopotamus. It’s ivory teeth made it highly desirable for such usage.


Today, dentures are of acrylics or porcelain. They come in two types complete and partial. When it comes to a complete denture, the following applies.

  • Complete: This type falls into the traditional category. It replaces a full set of teeth. The material may be porcelain or plastic. Suction essentially holds them in place, although dental implants may also play a role. These dental devices fall into two categories:
    • Conventional: These are made after the removal of the teeth and gum healing is beginning, this type is put into place between 8 and 12 weeks following the procedure
    • Immediate: Once the teeth are removed, the dentist can insert this pre-prepared type of denture. These are usually a stop-gap measure until the completion of the conventional denture.


Today’s dentures are not as obvious as those from tine’s past. Due to technology, they are almost undetectable. While inserting and wearing them may seem like an issue, you can get help. Simply contact the professionals at Gateshead Dental in Hamilton.

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