Types of Plants for Increasing Privacy With a Wrought Iron Fence

Types of Plants for Increasing Privacy With a Wrought Iron Fence

Even though a Wrought Iron Fence has open spaces between the bars, it can still function as an effective privacy fence when the right kinds of greenery adorn it or grow in front of it. Vines and tall hedges are two of the more common strategies property owners use to increase privacy for their yard without having a wall of vinyl or wood panels constructed. Screen plantings also can be grown.

Screen Planting Possibilities

A screen planting for a Wrought Iron Fence contains more than one species of woody plants that create a tall, thick barrier of several layers. The screen planting might consist of blue spruce, fir trees and cedar shrubbery kept at varying heights. This creates a beautiful interplay of colors, heights and textures that is very appealing to the eyes. Strategic open areas are included so the black iron fence can be seen here and there.

Vines and Hedges

The other two options, vines and tall hedges, also are appealing to many property owners. Floral vines can add noticeable bright colors to the yard, although the homeowners must consider that there won’t be flowers at all times of the year. They might include two or three species of clinging plants to have flowering happening during more than one season. So many colors of flowers can be included that the property owners will achieve the precise look they want for the yard.

Additional Advantages of This Arrangement

A backyard fence usually can be 6 ft. tall, so concealing the yard with these types of plantings will be sufficient for privacy. Including the fence has additional advantages, such as deterring trespassers and intruders who could otherwise sneak their way through the trees and bushes. This also can be an elegant way of providing decorative landscaping to the yard.

Future Benefits

A wrought iron fence installed by a company such as Mission Fence & Patio Builders increases the resale value of the home and the chance that it will sell faster. Adding the appropriate plantings is also helpful. Prospective home buyers greatly appreciate these features and like not having to start from scratch with growing plants. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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