Understanding the Importance of Sewage Treatment in Hawaii

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Business

Sewage treatment is crucial for protecting the water supply. When the water supply becomes contaminated, it can cause a variety of diseases. There are a variety of illnesses and parasites one can suffer from when they drink from a contaminated water supply. Diseases like Rotavirus Infection, Salmonellosis, Hookworm infection, Gastorodiscoidiasis, and Cholera are all possible. It is important for people to understand how wastewater is treated through Sewage Treatment in Hawaii.

Once a toilet or a sink is emptied, the wastewater flows down a drain pipe and through a series of pipes. It eventually ends up at the treatment plant. In some instances, the treatment plant comes and trucks the wastewater to the facilities where they can be treated. It is important to note wastewater and sewage are two terms that are used interchangeably. Both terms mean the water is full of sewage and needs to be treated.

The first step in the process of treatment is to remove the large particles in the water. Many people are surprised at what is found in sewage. When people flush items that are not meant to be flushed, they can not only cause blockages in their own home but in other homes as well. Once the large items have been filtered out, the next step in the process begins, which is removing the solids (human waste) from the water. This part of the process is called the primary treatment phase.

Once the human waste has been removed, there are still tinier contaminants that can cause illness. The secondary treatment removes the parasites and bacteria that are present in the water. This filtration method uses aeration lanes that allow for the good bacteria to break down the bad. Finally, the sewage is treated in a final step to ensure it is completely clean and ready to be released into the environment.

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