Upgrade Your Pool With Less Cost With Travertine Pool Coping

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Home Improvement

Many times pool decks, and the edge of the pool known as the coping, will begin to crack and chip, especially if they are made from a man-made type of material. Cement and tile types of options are the most likely to breakdown quickly, but with the help of specialized travertine pool coping, you can do a one-time renovation and never have to worry again.

If you have an old style of pool deck coping renovations with travertine pool coping and pavers may be a fraction of the cost you anticipated. This is all thanks to a very specialized type of coping that saves you a lot of time and money.

Remodeling Pool Coping

A remodeling travertine pool coping is very different than a standard or thick pool coping. These latter two options are much like pavers, but they have a rounded or bullnosed edge that is used to create a gentle edge over the water. They can also be used on stairs and other areas of a deck to create soft, smooth edges.

Remodeling travertine pool coping, on the other hand, is not designed like a typical paver. Instead, it has a more pronounced bullnose and paver, when viewed in profile, has a ninety-degree corner inside the bullnose area.

This allows the remodeling travertine pool coping to simply sit over your existing coping and deck, without the need to remove the old material. It is possible to easily positon and fix the remodeling coping, and the subsequent pavers through the deck, right over your existing pool deck.

Adding Elements

Once you use the travertine pool coping to sit over your existing deck to the pool, you can also use it to add to the look of steps into the pool or stairs on a multi-level deck. With renovations, you can even add a multi-level component, or perhaps add a hot tub to the deck.

Travertine pool coping can be used around the edges of these structural elements as well, creating a very uniform and consistent design theme. With just a bit of knowledge of working with pavers, these can even be do-it-yourself renovations for those who are confident and have the time to take on a major redesign project.

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