SSD Benefits for Schizophrenia in Grove City, Ohio

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Law

Schizophrenia often proves to be an extremely debilitating disease, even when medication is prescribed. Thankfully, those suffering from the disease are very commonly approved for Social Security disability benefits. Due to the serious nature of this disease, it is of utmost importance that you ensure your initial application will gain you the benefits you deserve. For the best SSDI Attorney services in Columbus, do not go further than Jeffrey Buskirk & Associates. Contact us today and we will begin the fight toward getting you the benefits you need to help you live a comfortable life with Schizophrenia.

How Likely Am I to Receive Benefits?

While simply having Schizophrenia is not enough to garner you Social Security disability benefits, you may be approved if you can prove that you are unable to work despite taking anti-psychotic medication for the disease.  Benefits can be made available to an individual, despite which type of Schizophrenia they are suffering from: paranoid, disorganized, or catatonic.

What Criteria Must I Meet to Receive Benefits?

Listed here, you can see the exact requirements for receiving Social Security disability benefits while suffering from Schizophrenia. However, here is a quick breakdown of some of these requirements:

Your Schizophrenia Must Cause You to Suffer from At Least One of the Following:

* Hallucinations
* Delusions
* Catatonic Behavior
* Grossly Disorganized Behavior
* Illogical or Incoherent Thinking
* Emotional Isolation
* Social Interaction Issues

Your Schizophrenia Must Keep You From Adequately Performing At Least Two of the Following:

* Daily Work Activities
* Proper Social Functionality
* The Ability to Focus on Daily Tasks
* Or, If You Experience Lengthy or Frequently Worsening Schizophrenic Episodes

Seeking An Approval Without Meeting SSA’s Listing

Those who can prove that their Schizophrenia is ongoing and debilitating, even though it does not meet all criteria on SSA’s listing of impairments, may still be eligible for benefits. If you are seeking this approach, you must be able to prove that your condition is expected to continue in its severity for at least 12 months, and that you are unable to work on a regular and continuing basis due to your health. Doctor’s recommendations, notes, and medical records are of utmost importance in all SSDI cases involving Schizophrenia.

Think you meet Social Security disability benefits requirements for Schizophrenia? If so, please contact the Jeffrey Buskirk & Associates team immediately to set up a consultation. We can help you file your application appropriately, while assisting in helping you gather the proper medical assistance and documentation. File for SSDI benefits due to Schizophrenia in a timely manner, and never put the application process off. Allow us to give you the help you deserve.

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