Use an Insurance Shop or Your Own Auto Body Shop in Johnson County?

Use an Insurance Shop or Your Own Auto Body Shop in Johnson County?

When a person has a wrecked car or a partially wrecked car, visiting an Auto Body Shop in Johnson County is the first order of business. However, some people get frustrated because they have so many different choices. The insurance company usually recommends a local auto body shop, but is that the best route to take? Here are the tips that can help decide.

The Time Frame

When choosing the insurance company’s auto body shop, it often involves a specific time frame that may not be very fast. When a person gets to choose their own auto body shop, they can find a shop that will not only do a good job, but that will also do that good job in a prompt manner.

The History

Many people already have an established history with a specific auto body shop. Maybe a certain auto body shop did good work in the past and had a great local reputation, for example. If that relationship is already established, there is no reason not to stick with a shop that has demonstrated results in the past. The insurance company’s auto body shop may be a completely unknown quantity, and many people just don’t feel comfortable with that type of uncertainty when it comes to their vehicle repairs.

The Cost

The price of an auto body shop is always important, but it should never be the sole determining factor. After all, there are some situations when a price is only low because some shortcuts were taken. Look for an auto body shop that is willing to itemize the bill. Don’t forget to verify that the auto body shop will always contact the vehicle owner before they do any extra repairs. Sometimes work on a vehicle will begin with the intent of fixing one specific issue. However, during the course of that work a new issue is discovered. It is important to know about this before the work starts so that the insurance company can be contacted. Alternatively, financial arrangements may need to be made if insurance won’t cover the new repairs.

When looking for a local Auto Body Shop in Johnson County, visit Warrensburg Collision to find out more.

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