Use AutoData software at your garage for rapid data entry

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Business & Economics

Spend less time entering every individual information sheet and receipt into your computer and spend more time actually assisting customers and clients with AutoData software on your side. This custom tailored scanning software helps you speed up all of your data entry projects to make them more manageable for a smaller staff number. Once all of the data has been uploaded to your software, you can easily compare cash flow or other reports and have them shown in bar graphs, pie charts or trend charts. Adjust how you run your business to help improve revenue and keep customer happiness levels high.

Scanning the work orders and receipts

Using a simple scanner, you can read and extract the data from your sales orders, receipts or other charts and save them in a format for AutoData to read and organize. A variety of TWAIN-compatible scanners will work just fine from brands including Canon, Panasonic and Fujitsu among others. Once scanned, this information can be adjusted a variety of ways and can help keep your cash flow, revenue, work orders and custom contact forms in an organized and easily accessible location. This not only helps keep your business running smoothly, but shows your customers you are staying current with the changes in technology to better serve their needs.

Staying current with technology

Technology of all kinds changes rapidly, regardless of the industry you are in; automotive, medical, manufacturing, consumer end or other. By avoiding the use of outdated software and computer systems, you not only help prevent security leaks or loss of vital information but also professionally arrange and organize all of your normal paperwork. For the automotive industry, this can benefit you in a variety of ways; from work orders to inspection notes and everything in between. You use state of the art tools and diagnostic items, so why not use current computer software as well?

Vehicle repair and maintenance

For vehicle owners, it is important to keep your car or truck in good working order for your safety and the safety of other drivers. For repair garages and auto shops, it is your job to make sure those repairs are done properly and efficiently. Stay up to date with past repairs or existing issues on individual vehicles by using AutoData scanning software at your garage. You can also keep track of past sale receipts for each client to ensure they are receiving constant service every time they visit.

If your garage is considering AutoData software to increase daily data entry rates visit for more information now.

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