Using a Resume Writing Guide in Abington PA After Being Self-Employed for Years

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Resume Service

What happens when someone has been self-employed for many years and now wants to get back into the general workforce? Perhaps having to put in so many hours in a home business has lost its appeal, and this individual may be feeling the drive to meet new people and work in a team again. Where does this person start? One effective strategy is to use a Resume Writing Guide in Abington PA and perhaps work with a job interviewing coach.

A great deal has changed in the way employers seek candidates for open positions; much is now done online instead of sending resumes with cover letters by mail or filling out applications at the organization. A Resume Writing Guide in Abington PA reflects the changes that have become prevalent in the past decade in what employers look for in that resume they receive by email. Prospective applicants learn how to craft an email cover letter that is better suited to the electronic medium. In many cases, employers have an online application that doesn’t allow for emailing a prewritten resume or cover letter. People seeking work must learn to maximize the positive impression they can make through this type of application.

Job interviewing coaches with a company such as Career Directions encourage people to pursue networking opportunities if they haven’t already done so. Social media sites are advantageous for this, and people can make new contacts on message boards where others offer camaraderie in the job search. Since those individuals are typically located all over the country and even across the globe, they generally aren’t direct competitors for local or regional jobs. In addition, contacting previous supervisors, mentors and others who would be excellent references is advisable. These persons can be included in the reference section on the resume.

The first job this person accepts after leaving the world of self-employment may not be a dream job, but it can be a significant step toward that future goal. Unemployment in the country is very low and many companies are having a difficult time finding qualified applicants. This is an ideal time to begin that job search and start a new career.

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