Using A Service That Does Honey Bee Control In Pittsburgh PA

by | Aug 11, 2016 | Pest Control

When someone notices they have a honey bee hive in their yard, they may want to hire a service that does Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA. This will be a great way to have the entire hive removed quickly and effectively. Since honey bees sting, it is necessary to keep people away from the area where the hive is located. This will minimize the chance of injury.

If the homeowner wishes to try to remove the hive on their own, they should dress in white clothing when doing the job. Honey bees tend to get agitated when they see bright colors. This is because they associate these colors with the blooms of flowers. It is best to cover the entire body with clothing to help keep it protected from stings. A net can be worn over the face. This can be kept in place with a hat.

The best time of day to battle a honey bee hive is in the early morning hours before the sun rises. This is when the bulk of the bees will be resting. A honey bee-killing agent can be used to spray on the hive. The pesticide is projected toward the hive from several feet away, allowing the person to run for cover after it is applied. It is best to do this process for several days in a row. The honey bees will then diminish in number. When there are no more bees noticed, the hive can be knocked from its location into a garbage bag for disposal.

If the person does not wish to kill the bees to remove them, they will need to get a hold of a local beekeeper to see if they would like to remove the hive to use for honey-making purposes. If the person wants fast service, they can ask a pest control service to do the killing of the bees for them. Contacting a service that does Honey Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA will become necessary. The Beeman is one company that does the job in bee removal effectively. One can visit the website to find out more about their services and an appointment can be made if desired.

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