Using Atlas Exterminator Co Inc To Eliminate Mice

Using Atlas Exterminator Co Inc To Eliminate Mice

When mice get into a home, the owners will most likely want to find a way to have them removed promptly. Mice tend to carry bacteria, making it important to get them out of a structure as soon as possible, so they do not cause health risks to those living inside. Calling a pest control service like Atlas Exterminator Co Inc is one way to remove mice in their entirety. A few tasks can also be taken by the homeowner to reduce the mouse population.

Take Care Of Any Damage To The Exterior Of The Home

If there are portions of the siding where cracks are noticeable, mice can make their way through to the interior portion of the home. It is important to keep on top of routine maintenance, so siding problems do not remain. A contractor can make larger repairs, and smaller ones can be handled with the addition of caulk to patch any crevices between panels.

Do Regular Cleaning To Remove Food From The Interior

It is best to do cleaning of the interior of the home frequently. Mice tend to stay in areas where dirt is abundant, as there are usually crumbs present they can use as a food source. Doing regular sweeping and vacuuming will help in the elimination of food, making it more likely that mice will move on to other areas to look for something to eat. Wiping down any surface used to prepare food is also beneficial.

Use Deterrents To Get Mice To Vacate A Property

Mice will not stay in an area where they feel as if they are being threatened. Some people find that placing plastic bird decoys on their property will help to get mice to leave the grounds. These should be placed in areas where they are easy to see and be moved every few days, so mice do not get used to them being present.

When there is a need to find a pest control service, consider calling Atlas Exterminator Co Inc. They will send someone to the home to do an evaluation of the problem. Click Here to find out more.

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