Using Sand in Austin TX for Landscaping Projects

Using Sand in Austin TX for Landscaping Projects

When using sand in Austin, TX and other aggregate materials for landscaping projects, some basic rules apply. Whether it’s a sand base for a rock garden, fountain or other landscaping feature, or a pathway, installing base materials the correct way can help the homeowner achieve a favorable outcome.


The usage of edging in sandy areas can help to provide a more pleasing result, and it can prevent erosion. Edging is available in various types, including everything from metal to plastic. A landscaper can help the homeowner choose the type of edging that best suits the landscaping project.

Weed Wrapping

Weed wrap is a semi-permeable landscaping material that has several uses in sand projects. One of the most common uses is layering under aggregate materials to prevent weed growth in the area. It can also be used to cover French drains to prevent gradual sand erosion.

Tamping Aggregates

When a homeowner uses gravel or sand as part of a landscaping project, these materials may settle with time and cause problems with the project’s foundation. To prevent too much settling, it is best to tamp these materials down during installation.

Watering Gravel and Sand

If tamping isn’t sufficient to inhibit settling, water provides another natural solution. Watering the entire area can help the gravel or sand to become compacted, making it a solid base for the rest of the landscaping project.


Where ordering gravel or sand in Austin, TX is concerned, sizing can be rather vague. Some suppliers may sell it by the bag or scoop, and it’s up to the buyer to determine how many cubic feet are needed. By considering depth, width, and height, the buyer can arrive at an accurate estimate.

All of these tips can help homeowners implement projects relying on gravel and sand. Many landscaping projects require these materials to level spaces, and others are purely decorative. Choosing the right materials for a landscaping project can be difficult, but it is made easier with the help of a landscaper and a supplier of sand such as Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC. With the help of a supplier, a homeowner can match these tips to the project’s needs.

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