How To Install An Overhead Garage Door In Phoenix, AZ

In Arizona, contractors follow specific steps to install an overhead garage door. They must follow these steps to prevent possible damage and heighten security. The following are the steps needed for installing an Overhead Garage Door Phoenix AZ.

Get Measurements for the Door

The contractor begins by measuring the height and width. Next, they acquire a measurement for the headroom. The headroom must offer at least ten feet of space for the door. The last measurement acquired is the length of the garage. The appropriate door offers at least eighteen extra inches beyond the length.

Install the Hinges and Handles

Next, the contractor installs the door stops around each side of the door opening. These hinges are flush with the door jamb edges. They connect handles to the door and place the bottom of the door against the door facing. They connect the hinges and handles to the door. They apply weather stripping when required.

Install the Bottom of the Door

The contractor installs the bottom section. They use a level to ensure that it is positioned correctly. They hammer in nails at the halfway point and bend them to achieve security for the panel. Next, they position the horizontal or curved panels into the tracks.

Install All Panels of the Door

They install each panel over the first. They secure the nails inside the jambs in the same manner as the bottom panel. They connect hinges for each panel. They continue until they have all panels installed.

Install the Door Rollers

The contractor installs the roller into its supports. They position the rollers into their track. They are secured with brackets at each edge. All the rollers must be positioned flush against the track. If they aren’t secured properly, friction is generated and leads to a damaged door.

Install the Remaining Tracks and Springs

The contractor installs the final horizontal sections. They level the installation and ensure that the tracks are straightened and face away from the door opening. Next, they secured the tracks and installed the springs and pulley system.

In Arizona, contractors provide garage door installations to offer added protection for the property. The door blocks access to exterior doors leading into the property. They also block access to the owner’s automobiles. Homeowners who need an Overhead Garage Door Phoenix AZ contact Neighborhood Garage Door Service or Browse the website today.

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