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by | Oct 12, 2016 | Business

Personalizing items such as hats, shirts, trophies, and banners in Upland CA is a great way to memorialize an event or even promote a business. With advances in technology, just about any item can be personalized either by engraving or embroidering a specific phrase or logo on the item. The possibilities are endless.

Most people think of trophies or plaques when they think of engraving an item. With new technology, any item can now be engraved using techniques such as laser, rotary and even sandblasting. Laser engraving is typically done on items such as leather, metal or plastic. Before engraving items using a laser, the design needs to be done on a computer. The computer is then attached to the laser, which then etches the design on the item using laser technology. This technique is used with graphics since the laser is so exact. Rotary engraving is the one most people are familiar with. This is used typically on trophies and awards to etch the words onto metal. It provides a deep cut which creates more of an “engraved” look. Sand blasting is a technique that is typically used after one of the previously mentioned techniques. Essentially, it acts as a method to deepen the cut in items that have already been engraved.

Embroidery provides the ability to place just about any logo or graphic on fabric. This could be a hat, shirt or even a blanket. A digitizer places the logo in a format that can be embroidered, and then the machine does the rest. The designs can be simple or elaborate. Embroidery professionals can suggest colors and stitching styles to turn the design into artwork on the item provided.

Some shops can also provide other services, such as creating custom banners, that can help to promote a business. Banners can range in size from something that can be hung on a pop-up canopy, to something that is hung on the front of a business. Banners are a large, highly visible method that can pull people into the business. Click here to discover more information on Banners in Upland CA.

No matter what the engraving or embroidery need is, most shops have the ability to take any logo or graphic and turn it into a work of art on just about any surface. Just turn on your imagination and let the professionals do the rest!

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