Neuromas Treatment In Joliet, IL Can Alleviate Pain And Tingling In The Foot

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Health

If someone’s suffering from pain, numbness, burning, or tingling in their foot and toe areas, they may be suffering from a neuroma. This condition can be caused by trauma or compression of the foot that causes the nerve to swell. An individual may find some relief by massaging the ball of their foot but should still receive Neuromas Treatment in Joliet IL. A doctor will thoroughly examine the foot and review the background of the patient. An X-ray, scan, or MRI will not be able to identify a neuroma. This can only be diagnosed by a doctor trained in podiatry.

Neuromas can be referred to as nerve tumors, but are not tumors in the same sense as cancer. Swelling around the nerve creates the sensation of a ball being in the foot. A neuroma in the foot is usually caused by improper movement of the long bones that extend from the back of the toes. The third and fourth toe are usually affected. Failure to receive Neuromas Treatment in Joliet IL could result in permanent damage to the nerve. A puncture wound or laceration of the foot can also cause this condition and are considered a traumatic neuroma.

Depending on the severity of the condition, Neuromas Treatment in Joliet IL could involve cortisone injections. Orthotics could be prescribed to offer support to the foot. Orthotics can also help the ankle, knee, thigh, and hip. They can correct abnormalities in the lower extremities. Another option for treatment is the chemical destruction of the nerve. This is performed by injecting a solution to eliminate the nerve and alleviate the pain. As a last resort, the doctor may recommend surgery. This is performed under a local anesthetic or an IV anesthetic in the doctor’s office and is relatively simple. The individual will have to remain off of their foot as much as possible and wear a post-operative shoe.

Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL have highly-trained doctors to quickly diagnose and treat neuromas. They will begin with the least invasive procedure for the patient. Early intervention from foot pain due to a neuroma reduces the chance for surgery needing required in the future.

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