Vinyl Siding Replacement in St Paul is a Perfect Example of Function Over Style

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Siding Contractors

vinyl siding replacement in St Paul is not pretty. It won’t stop people walking by, and it won’t dramatically improve the overall value of the home. In some ways, vinyl siding really isn’t anything special. It is the perfect example of pure function over style. For all it lacks in beauty and value, it makes up for tenfold in sheer practicality. Why is Vinyl Siding Replacement in St Paul so utterly popular? There are three reasons why vinyl siding has survived from the early 60’s to today.

No Maintenance- At All

The original quality of vinyl siding will remain intact and visible for many years. Vinyl siding cannot rot (detailed more below) and it is resistant against blight. Construction experts recommend a yearly cleaning that will remove the surface growth, i.e., mold and dirt, that will accumulate. The cleaning is mostly cosmetic. There is almost nothing out there that will degrade the functionality of the siding.

The Barrier to End All Barriers

The above heading may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by a long shot. Vinyl siding is designed to be impenetrable by pests, and that includes termites. Termites remain the most nefarious “villain” for homes, and an infestation of termites will take down a property faster than any other type of common insect. It is also extremely resistant to the elements. Its heavy weight is great against intense and continuous winds, and it is not at all affected by water and rain.

Rot-Resistant and Corrosion-Free

Vinyl siding faces almost no degradation. It cannot rot, by design, which makes it a perfect inclusion to a property. It cannot corrode in any traditional sense. It is built for durability, and its manufacturing qualities cannot erode by dirt, mold, and insects that can potentially drive holes and barriers in the siding.

Hopefully, someone will come along and create a vinyl siding that is elegant and gorgeous. A handful of providers, such as Builders & Remodelers Inc, have innovations for vinyl siding that are more pleasing to the eye. The benefits are plentiful. It is why vinyl siding has stood the test of time against less practical but much genuinely prettier siding options.

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