The Basics of Exterior Siding Repair in Oklahoma City

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Siding Contractors

Hail, woodpeckers and extreme heat and cold can all damage the siding of a home, along with numerous other things. When the siding gets cold, it becomes brittle and this can lead to cracks or the siding breaking apart. During periods of extreme heat, the siding may melt or a bird may peck at the material, leaving a hole in its wake. These are only a few examples of when Exterior Siding Repair in Oklahoma City may be needed and there are many others. For a small area in need of repair, a homeowner may be able to complete this task on their own.

The hardest part of the job could be matching the siding that is already in place. Manufacturers often choose to discontinue patterns, colors or textures, depending on current trends. Some homeowners are fortunate in that they have pieces remaining from when the siding was installed. Those who aren’t this lucky will need to take a piece of the siding to a contractor supply center to obtain a match.

To remove the damaged siding, a special tool must be used. Once the siding has been loosened from the home, it’s time to remove the nails from the top of the piece. Cut out the damaged piece, being careful not to damage the pieces above and below this section. Once this has been done, cut the replacement piece, making it approximately 3 inches longer than the damaged section to allow for overlap at each end. Slide it into place, locking the bottom section into the piece below. Make certain this piece snaps into place and then nail the top portion, leaving ample room for the piece to expand and contract. Finish up by using the zip tool to insert the top section.

If the Exterior Siding Repair is a large one, it’s best to call in professionals to do the job. This maintains the integrity of the home’s siding and ensures the curb appeal of the residence isn’t affected. Contact J&M Roofing Co for assistance with this task. They handle these jobs on a regular basis and will be happy to assist you in repairing the siding of your home to ensure it looks great at all times.

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