Different Industries that Require Plating With Precious Metals

Different Industries that Require Plating With Precious Metals

The industries that require precious metals plating are probably much more vast than you realize. While some require it due to the necessary performance enhancements, others count on plating services to increase durability or provide additional aesthetic appeal.

Here is a look at some of the main industries that require precious metals plating:

Aerospace and Defense

High quality plating is absolutely essential within this industry as the machines and vehicles that operate within it can reach extreme temperatures. Silver is one of the most commonly called upon metals for plating for aerospace and defense.

Oil and Gas

Just as with the aerospace and defense industry, the oil and gas industry requires high quality plating services to ensure that machines are operating at optimal performance levels. The extreme temperatures generated by oil and gas procedures also make plating necessary.


Corrosion protection is one of the biggest necessities of instruments within the telecommunications industry. For this reason, gold is one of the most commonly plated precious metals called upon by companies that operate in telecommunications.

Medical and Dental

Hospitals, doctors, and dentists all count on plating companies to provide them with high quality plating services for their medical devices. While there are several different types of metals that are plated for this industry, the dependence on top notch quality is just as paramount.


Having corrosion protected materials is essential for maximum performance in the electronics industry. For this reason, precious metals like gold are counted on regularly by electronic based companies to ensure that everything stays running smoothly over the long term.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the amount of industries that plating companies can serve is absolutely endless. Even memorabilia enthusiasts have gotten into the habit of going to these companies to have their merchandise plated for protection and potentially added value. While it takes a special company to be able to serve all of these industries with superior service, the experts at Professional Plating do an amazing job of coming through in the clutch for all of their valued clients.

ProPlate offers precious metal plating services to customers within over six different industries. You can find out more information about the different types of metal plating that they provide by giving them a call or filling out the inquiry form on their website.

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