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An ENT physician is a doctor who specializes in the ears, nose, and throat. These highly-trained men and women spent years learning everything there is to know about these areas, and they are qualified to diagnose and treat any related illnesses. An ENT Physician in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, will not only help you address any potential issues long before they become a problem, but also help you treat current symptoms. To understand exactly how an ENT physician can help you, you must first take a moment to look at your current problems.

Chronic Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are experienced throughout the year by millions of NJ citizens. If you have chronic sinus problems that continue to come back year after year, an ENT physician, such as Louis J. Rondinella, MD PA can help you treat the problem at its source. Your regular doctors can handle the average cold, but a sinus infection can quickly become serious. An ENT has the training necessary to handle issues that your general practitioner might misdiagnose or not notice altogether. Your ENT will also be current on any and all new treatments available.

Improved Hearing

If you noticed that you tend to spend much of your day nodding and smiling because you could not actually hear what was said to you, you might need an ENT. That difficulty hearing, ringing in your ears, pain, and more is likely caused by an unseen issue in your sinuses or ear canals. Your ENT will know exactly where to look first to address the problem, and he or she has ready access to the best equipment. If necessary, he or she can perform procedures and treatments other than medication.

Poor or reduced hearing is not always caused by a serious issue. Compacted ear wax can reduce your ability to hear more than you think. A quick and easy cleaning from your ENT can get your hearing back on track. Visit as soon as possible to learn the reason behind your chronic issues.

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