A Water Analysis in Egg Harbor Township, NJ Is Necessary if Your Water Tastes Metallic

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Water Treatment

Does your water have a metallic taste? In its normal state, water should not exhibit any smell or taste. It should be colorless. Therefore, if your water does not taste or smell like water, you need to have it checked and treated.

If your water conveys a metallic taste or smell, set an appointment for a water analysis in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Any metallic taste indicates that your water may contain iron, manganese, copper, or zinc. While manganese and iron are usually found in groundwater, copper and zinc can develop when a plumbing system becomes corroded after a time.

Does Your Sink Display Orange Stains?

If water contains high levels of manganese or iron, you often will see black or orange staining on fixtures, sinks, tubs, toilets, or clothing. Whether water has a metallic taste or causes stains, it needs to be assessed and the issue resolved.

A Corrosive Gas

Sometimes a water analysis needs to be made if a water supply smells like rotten eggs. This smell normally originates from hydrogen sulfide. This colorless gas, when present in high concentrations, not only causes clothing and hair to smell bad, it also corrodes metal parts.

Does Your Water Smell Musty?

A musty taste or smell in a water supply usually comes from algae growth. While the water is not toxic, it is still offensive to the senses. A water analysis can determine what treatment methods need to be used. Water that contains certain bacteria and viruses also needs to be assessed. Even if the water is treated at a plant, there is no guarantee that it is not completely free of pathogens.

To find out more about your own water supply, check out Southjerseywater.com online. The sooner you do so, the sooner you will have peace of mind. Even if your water tastes and smells fine, it is important to have it analyzed.

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