The Benefits of Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA

Evidence of hard water includes soap scum and water spots left behind on shower walls and doors, bathtubs, and sink basins. Hard water can leave one’s skin feeling scaly and itchy and hair dull-looking and dry. Clothing and linens washed in hard water come out stiff even when using fabric softeners. Hard water is responsible for many problems in the home that often go unnoticed until too late.

A water’s hardness is measured by the quantity of minerals present -; magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate. The best way to determine if you have hard water is to have it tested. The only way to remove the minerals from the water is to install a Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA. Some of the other problems caused by hard water are:

* Reduces Efficiency and Lifespan of Appliances – Hard water leaves behind trace amounts of minerals that accumulate to form scale which gets deposited in the home’s plumbing and appliances that use water. Eventually, the scale restricts water flow, in appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher, or the kitchen and bathroom plumbing. Because one can’t see what is happening inside the pipes, by the time the problem is apparent, the affected items must be repaired or replaced.

* Increased Energy Costs – The same scale that accumulates in pipes and water-using appliances contributes to increased energy usage and higher energy costs. For example, a hot water heater that has a layer of scale measuring 1/8″ thick, requires more than 30% additional energy to heat the water.

There are two types of water softening systems that can be installed by companies like Waterhouse Water Systems. Homeowners can choose between salt-based systems or salt-free units. Salt-based systems use either sodium or potassium chloride salt which results in rich, lathering bubbles, softer skin, and softer, brighter clothes. They are also very effective at preventing soap scum and scale buildup. There is some concern that salt-based systems may be detrimental to people with heart disease or high blood pressure due to the additional salt added to the water.

Salt-free systems that provide Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA, provide the same benefits of their salt-based counterparts, but without the monthly maintenance, no wasted water, no electricity, and no chemicals or salt. Salt-based systems must have the salt replenished at least monthly, depending on usage, whereas salt-free systems contain media that can go five years before replacing.

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